Interactive Storytelling

Building new media experiences.

Interactive Story Telling at emCAMP looks to turn stories into unique rich media experiences. These projects incorporate interactivity, technology, and research that allow us to tackle common problems in new media. Our focus is around minimizing the novel impact of technology that can really fight against the artists intentions.

We also want to explore how our love for storytelling can be emphasized in the new opportunities that technology can provide, be they phone and mobile or large scale projections and installations.

As a team we’ve been a part of a number of shows that have ranged from videogames to projection mapping. We’ve worked as collaborators with musicians, artists, and programmers; building a number unique experiences. We’ve also designed sets, built custom rigs, and written stories. At emCAMP we really want to distill what we’ve learned so we can share and grow as content creators.


Along with our art backgrounds we have more than 10 years of experience working in e-learning, training and education.

To start, Interactive Storytelling is meant to help us build out an internal database that allows us to have a framework promotes artwork and illustrations in digital spaces. Additionally we want to look at incorporating generative text and visuals which ensure that the story is always changing and always providing a fresh experience. Finally we want include simple interactive elements that help us amplify the end users experience.