Caio Leme

My name is Caio Leme

I am a 29 y/o Tattoo Artist from São Paulo, Brazil currently based in Montréal, Canada.

Who or Whar inspires you?

I am very much inspired by the artists that surround me on a daily basis, the architecture and plant life within a shared urban space, houseplants being equally relevant to the endemic flora. As of late, I have been very inspired by a feeling of transiency that has lingered within me since I’ve moved out east in the Canadian shield.

What themes do you try to navigate with your work/practice?

My practice usually deals with the darker side of viewing the geography surrounding me, the depictions of relatable architecture and emotional planes, although, this seems to dissipate in my photography and colors tend to take over any and all rationality, photography is immediate and primarily it documents. I enjoy playing with the night colors the most when it comes to this practice.

What keeps you making art?

The crippling feeling of having too much inside that needs to be shed out in whatever form it shedding may come. Tattooing, photographing, cooking, biking, practicing, writing, painting, drawing, moving. Stepping towards the fear of something new is the best fuel.

What types of discussions are you trying encourage with your art work/practice?

One of my primary visual outputs is the depiction of formless figures in space, I like to believe these can represent the ambivalence and transient nature of a lot of us currently walking around grey steps around this plane, I don’t necessarily hope for questions as to why I am drawing these creatures, but for a relatable feeling of why these creatures exist within us, and why are there so many of them?

What obstacles have you faced when creating work and how have you overcome them?

Making art is a constant struggle, fighting for your own space within a highly saturated and subjective community, the biggest obstacle comes from within, the one that makes you question your intent. I believe the intent is to simply create, the more I subject to forms and rules, the less I enjoy my work, and so I try to be the least informed on what’s happening outside of my own head, without losing all touch with the outside.

What is your favorite work of art? (yours and/or others)

Phil Hale’s body of work is all incredible.

What challenges do you think artists and the arts will face in the near-future?

The impending over saturation of artists copying each other, which is nothing new. The poison social media spews on trends in visual arts however, that’s a new thing we are all learning to face slowly.

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