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For as long as I can remember I have been involved in the world of art one way or another. Holding a brush and pen in hand, I have always felt the need to create and get my hands dirty. However, if there was one thing that stood out, it was my obsession with video. I asked for a video camera year after year in my letter to Santa Claus, and till this day I remember when it finally paid off. I got a toy camera that would not even record but also transmitted a live signal to a TV nearby. Years later I got a VHS camera, and then a mini DV camera, and so on. I was always adapting and creating short and simple videos with the tools that were at my disposal.

Being born and raised Venezuelan, I had limited to zero access to any kind of visual art school. This in time brought me to Alberta College of Art and Design where I graduated in 2014 with a BFA in Media Art Digital Technologies. During this time I explored and experimented within different fields of media art, but I always tried to mix my current practice with video. Learning programming, circuit building and animation all lead me to a six-year-long practice dedicated to video art installations.

Despite truly enjoying all of these practices, my passion still resides in filmmaking. For this reason, I decided to move to NYC complete the Master’s Program in Filmmaking at the New School for Public Engagement. Here I have dedicated my time in mastering every aspect of filmmaking with the intent of mixing traditional narrative film with my practice in New Media.

Video-Art Installations

As previously mentioned, most of my practice during my BFA consisted of creating Video-Art Installations. These installations served one of two functions, either interactivity with the audience, or simply a spectacle to awe and ponder. A good example of interactive installation can be seen on my piece Fairest of Them All, which consisted of a mirror-like projection piece that forces the viewer to stay still and experience the work in a calmed manner, in order to see their own reflection. This method of interaction allows the viewer to spend more time and engage with the piece, rather than quickly moving to the next work in the gallery. If the viewer is not still, the image would glitch and become incomprehensible.

This idea of forcing the viewer to stay for longer to contemplate and experience the piece is a recurrent idea explored on my interactive work, with the intent of making the viewer really think about the work, not just view it and walk away.

Other examples of my New Media Practice in Video-Art Installations can be found on my personal website


Besides of working in Video-Art Installations, I began to experiment with animation during my BFA. From learning the basics of stop-motion to hand-drawn to vector based animation, I studied various techniques in order improve my storytelling. This also lead me to frame by frame video analysis, and motion graphics. Overall, animation became a hobby of mine and a practice I always like to come back to, whether that be in a short, a gif, or even motion graphics.


Up to this point, most of my work has been based on experimental filmmaking. My practice developed further by converging the different techniques I was learning, with film. Since I started my Master’s Degree in Film Production I have devoted my time in traditional narrative filmmaking, where I have learned scriptwriting, directing, producing, and countless other aspects of the process to create a narrative film.

Currently, I am working on completing my first short film as a director, producer, and screenwriter. You can learn more about it, and follow my process by clicking here.

More of my work @ emCAMP

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