Kelly-Ann Desouza

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I’ve always loved stories. Being an extremely emotional person, my silly empathetic heart is what allows me to connect with stories on a deeper level. My background in art stems from this moderately obsessive love and is what pushed me towards art school.
In 2010 I attended the Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) and five years later received my BFA in Media Arts and Digital Technologies. ACAD exposed me to multiple methods of visual storytelling and gave me the opportunity to experiment and collaborate in numerous mediums.
My work focuses on storytelling through animation and illustration in order to communicate cute, nonsensical, and sometimes adult-like humour in a childish manner.
Despite the challenges that face a creative profession, I continue to pursue an artistic career. My creative passion takes me back to a time that seemed timeless.



I remember the exact moment I realized I wanted to become an animator. I was thirteen, and had woken up early with my brother to watch Saturday morning cartoons. Avatar The Last Airbender was halfway through it’s first season and while watching Aang, Katara and Sokka make their way through another crazy situation, I found that time started to slow down. I was suddenly struck by the beauty of show’s fluid animation and vibrant storytelling. I started falling in love with every little part of what brought the show together: the character designs, the painterly backgrounds, the music, and most importantly, the narrative. Inspiration hit me like a bolt of lightening from Azula herself. From that day I started drawing, and I didn’t stop.
My skills as a 2d animator are far from perfect. I am still growing and learning as much as I can in order to become a better artist. I experiment mostly in 2d rotoscope animation and creating illustrated gifs. During my final years at ACAD, I developed many short narratives into storyboards and animatics. My goals in the future are to expand my knowledge in character animation in the hopes of producing one of those stories into an animated short.


Below are three ongoing narrative-based projects:





If I’m not drinking tea or complaining about the weather, I’m proably drawing. Drawing has become second nature to me. If you give me a pen or pencil, I will most likely start drawing, on my own skin if I have to. You can find most of my digital and traditional illustrations on my website or check my Instagram for frequent updates.

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