Frank Alcock

Frank Alcock is a 24-year-old multidisciplinary artist currently working as a Graphic Designer in New York City. Born and raised in Venezuela, Frank moved to Boston in 2010 to study Music Production at the Berklee College of Music. After three years into his studies, it became clear that this was not his path. He transferred to the Savannah College of Art and Design where he received his Bachelor’s ofFine Arts in 2016. Taking inspiration from anywhere he can find, Frank explores all kinds of mediums to further expand his own practice. By researching online, he learned how to build furniture, work with leather, and even screen printing. He is constantly searching to increase his knowledge in crafting new works of art; as he puts it “Currently my biggest hobby now is to learn”. Though Frank does not believe on blindly following a specific artist for inspiration, he does like to study and learn from other artists. He is currently fascinated with Cyrcle, Cruz Diez, 2alas, and Felipe Pantone.

It is not all fun and games, as this constant thirst for new knowledge can be a burden for Frank. Being constantly interested in learning causes him to switch between projects without finishing most of them. “I become overwhelmed by many things I would like to do… I jump from idea to idea, I learn how to do them but I never do. That’s my biggest problem” But in the end, the feeling he gets from showing others what is in his head, bringing it to reality, is why he continues to create.

When it comes to his fine art practice, Frank avoids creating any type of elaborate conceptual work that has a deep message behind it visuals. Instead, he explained that most of his work is meant to be simple, to consume its viewers with a sense of euphoria or aesthetic pleasantness.

Though sometimes his work is inspired by people he’s been close to (friends, family, partners, lovers), Frank believes his work should stand on it’s own and the traces of the people he knows buried within it are only for him. He aims to be clever and iconic, flipping ideas on their head and creating imagery that stands out among all. He blends his fine art and design practices as best he can to achieve this ideal – that everything designed must be a new and unique experience.

As for the near future, Frank sees himself maintaining and improving his new online store, FWAB. He plans to add to his current collection, create new products, and grow the small store from its roots, up. “I like to live in the present, not so much in the future” Frank said. He went on to explain that even though he does have goals, he wants to see where his experiences take him rather than setting a specific route, with limitations.

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