Team Team Sugar Babies – 24 Hour Animation Contest

We were barely a few weeks into our first year studying animation at Capilano University when our teacher Don told us about a contest coming up. And like the bright young students we were, we decided why the heck not, it’ll be fun! And it was. Sort of.

The contest was created by Aubry Mintz and is open to students all over the world. The goal is to create a short 30 second animated film in 24 hours to express a theme given by Aubry. The theme was going to be revealed at the beginning of the competition so there wasn’t really an opportunity to prepare, except to learn as much as we could as fast as we could. We divided up different roles in the industry between the five of us (storyboard artist/director/sound etc.) and went from there.
Our enthusiastic first year selves were excited and ready, even though we had no idea what we were doing or what we were in for. Don gave us a crash-course in all things animation related and posted all the tutorials we could need on TVPaint.

The competition took place about a month after we started school, and by that point we had a very basic but solid understanding of animation principals and timing. There were 6 teams representing our school, 2 first year teams and 4 second year teams. The second we got the theme we started brainstorming story ideas, creating boards, drawing up concept sketches and then animation and animation and more animation, until it all became a blur.

It was one of the most fun, stress-inducing, panic-ridden learning experiences I’ve had as a student. As the art director, I was constantly going around to check on everyone, making sure everything looked consistent and keeping the workflow running at an even pace. My fellow teammates were all rock stars and I think we were pretty proud of ourselves for pulling off what we did with the time we had. We placed 118 out of 167! It was a great experience, and hopefully Team Team Sugar Babies will be back again next year for round 2.




Team Team Sugar Babies

Kelly-Ann Desouza

Art Director/Animator/Editor

Vicky Jose Hernandez

Storyboard Artist/Animator/Foley Artist

Siena Locher-Lo

Concept Artist/Animator/Layout Artist

Carly Bartlett

Concept Artist/Animator/Foley Artist

Winnie Ng

Storyboard Artist/Animator/Layout and Colour

Theme Announcement

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