emerging media at Creative Assembly of Media Practitioners

Emerging media at the Creative Assembly of Media Practitioners (emCAMP) is an international art collective created by artists Manuel Ermecheo, Kelly-Ann Desouza and Michael Wylegly.

We first met in 2011 while taking the Media Arts program at the Alberta College of Art + Design and through collaborating on projects we found admiration in each others work. After graduation, we moved on to different career paths but lacked the opportunity to push our work with creative and artistic merit.

We created emCAMP in summer 2016, over many late night Skype meetings and somewhat organized Slack threads. Our goal was to get our creative juices flowing and to motivate each other in personal and group projects. Through experimentation and collaboration, we can push ourselves to create more art and work productively, and by doing so, expand our knowledge and practice beyond our present fields.

Our objective is to create an online platform for media and craft based artists to communicate, participate, showcase and sell their work. We want to build a community of like-minded individuals for shared involvement and inspiration.